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  Andy was happy and excited when he came home Tuesday evening. He said, “Guess what Beate and Tim gave me! A tree!” They planted it for him that evening, and he’s hoping it will survive the transition from its … Continue reading

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It’s Spring!

  As you can see things aren’t very green yet, but at least Kaitlin’s pussy willow is starting to come out. March is usually windy in New Mexico, and now that the trees are gone the wind can be especially … Continue reading

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The main thing that has happened up on the land recently is Andy has been clearing out dead trees and cutting them into pieces. The hope is if the workmen ever come back they will haul them away for firewood. … Continue reading

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Moving Along

Click on picture for higher resolution.   We now have nine solar panels mounted, only nine more to go (on a separate pole). We still need to install the batteries and hook them up to the panels, but things are … Continue reading

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The New Truck

  Do you think this truck is big enough? I love the distortion from the camera lens because it reminds me of how easy it is to see things incorrectly and think our perceptions represent reality. Here is a more … Continue reading

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This cartoon tickled me, but I don’t really believe it. For one thing, sometimes patience represents hope rather than despair…say when we grow a garden or raise a child. Some of the most worthwhile things in life can’t be rushed, … Continue reading

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Job Security

cheerfulmonk. Creative Commons license.   Guess who’s having a new will made? We were supposed to sign last Monday, but the lawyer made a few mistakes in our last changes so we decided to take the time to make sure … Continue reading

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