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The Magic of the Written Word

Wikipedia.   …the visitor who now enters the Palazzo dei Conservatori at Borgo San Sepolcro finds the stupendous “Resurrection” almost as Piero della Francesca left it. …it stands there before us in entire and actual splendour, the greatest picture in … Continue reading

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New Strategy

This is what the road over the four-foot-diameter culvert looked like when Orlando and Ron finished Sunday afternoon:     And this is the picture Beate sent Monday morning:     It could be worse. The road is still passable. … Continue reading

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The Power of Art

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Just Listening vs Sharing

  Does this video resonate with you at all? It made me laugh out loud — I assume because I’ve done my share of listening in my life. Sometimes it has helped people with problems, and sometimes it has simply … Continue reading

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Good Visit

Kaitlin, Torben, Sammy, and Montana came Monday evening. They’ve been staying up on the land, and we’ve been having a good time. Here are a few pictures:               They will leave tomorrow morning. In … Continue reading

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Two Years Later

Andy took the following pictures of our land going up in flames on June 26, 2011:         Notice that there were a lot more trees then, and the trees were bigger than the ones we have now: … Continue reading

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  Andy was happy and excited when he came home Tuesday evening. He said, “Guess what Beate and Tim gave me! A tree!” They planted it for him that evening, and he’s hoping it will survive the transition from its … Continue reading

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