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Fighting Nature

In A Year in Provence Peter Mayle explained why he never has a garden: It would be fighting nature, and nature always wins. It has more stamina and it never stops for lunch. —Peter Mayle, Andy, on the other hand … Continue reading

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You Snooze, You Lose

Cheerfulmonk. Creative Commons license.   Actually it isn’t quite as bad as the cartoon implies. Tax ID fraud is going up — there were about 1.8 million tax-related ID thefts during 2012, but after a big hassle the victims are … Continue reading

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Crazy Weather

  We got some snow Tuesday! By Wednesday it had already melted down here, but not up in the mountains:       Apparently it also snowed in Albuquerque — very unusual because the last snow there is usually about … Continue reading

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Our life is frittered away by detail. … Simplify, simplify. —-Henry David Thoreau Do you agree with that quote? I partially do. I’ve always kept my wants simple so I wouldn’t be trapped in a job I didn’t like. And … Continue reading

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