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Extreme Techie

From time to time I get a letter from my Internet provider pointing out I’m an Extreme Techie because of my internet usage, wouldn’t I like to pay more for faster service? Well no, not yet. My present rate is … Continue reading

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One Match

        In spite of the wind and snow Andy started this bonfire with just one match and a three-inch fatwood stick. He still hasn’t lost his touch. What about you? Do you have any skills you’re proud … Continue reading

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Not Quite Spring Yet

  As you can tell from the picture, there was a bit of a breeze up there when Andy was burning some slash last Monday. He had to take periodic breaks to go inside to warm up. Also notice there’s … Continue reading

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gothunkyourself. Creative Commons license.   The fellow who answered the question above gets high marks for cleverness, but he got no points on the quiz. I love the joke because it’s a good reminder that we can get carried away … Continue reading

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