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Modern Education   Apparently the U.S. is doing a major revamping of its elementary education right now — the idea is to prepare the kids for the 21st century. Since there isn’t time to teach everything, a lot of schools have … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished!

  Let’s hope I’m not as overly optimistic as George W. Bush was when he announced Mission Accomplished! So what has been my/our mission? To get Andy back to working on his own projects up on the land. He’s really … Continue reading

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Interesting Challenge

    The sink continues to heal itself, and Andy is building more bookcases, but the refrigerator is an ongoing problem. The pilot light keeps going out and the refrigerator shuts itself off. It will be interesting to see if … Continue reading

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Moving On

  The refrigerator still keeps shutting itself off, so Peter will come up to adjust it when he finishes his current job. The sink is gradually getting better by itself, so probably nothing will have to be done on that—saving … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just the Dogs

I thought I was being ridiculously early making arrangements for our trip to see Kaitlin, Torben and the grandbabies this fall. But we’re going by train, we want a sleeping compartment, and when we went in Spring, 2011 we didn’t … Continue reading

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