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More Progress

Click on the following pictures for better resolution. Putting drywall in ceiling of shed.   Putting plywood walls in the shed.   Inside of shed ready for heater and final wiring.   There were five to eight guys working this … Continue reading

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A Bit of Progress

There has been some progress this week. They’re installing the insulation and heater in the shed:     They’ve now cleaned and painted the inside of the well house:     And the birch tree that Andy’s father brought us … Continue reading

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Moving Right Along

    We now have our two patios! They have also started the wiring for the shed and will start working on the well house tomorrow. We’ve signed the contract for the house and they plan to start framing it … Continue reading

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cheerfulmonk. Creative Commons license.   Things are about to happen up on the land. The fellow who is doing our road work plans to start filling in some of the big washouts and fixing up the culverts tomorrow. If all … Continue reading

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The main thing that has happened up on the land recently is Andy has been clearing out dead trees and cutting them into pieces. The hope is if the workmen ever come back they will haul them away for firewood. … Continue reading

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