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Needs Some Fine Tuning

  It’s been a great week. I’m getting my energy back after that bug I had and I’ve been learning a lot and getting a lot done. I thought things were going great until I stepped on the scale. I … Continue reading

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Toys and Challenges

It’s been a full week. I’ve been playing with my new iPad, of course, and have been doing a little sketching every day. Then because I’m still having trouble with dizziness, I decided to dig out my Wii Fit to … Continue reading

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Building Repairs

        They were busy replacing a beam and some posts this week. Presumably they will now stain the posts and replace our railing. A downstairs neighbor cheerfully said, “Well, I see you haven’t fallen off the porch … Continue reading

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Eventful Week

  The above picture of our porch was taken Monday morning with my iPod. The picture below highlights the three jacks that the maintenance men installed after pondering the roof beam for a while.     The next day the … Continue reading

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Playing Around, Learning a Lot

The quality of our lives depends on how we focus our energy and our attention. —Traits of Stress-Hearty, Resilient People The past couple of days have been very low energy for me again, but my attention span has been doing … Continue reading

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