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A Bit of Progress

      Andy spent some time this week cutting down more trees to open up the view. I spent hours on the internet getting an education about roofing options and how we would need to install each of them. … Continue reading

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Time for Another Post Already?

We actually have a set of house/cabin plans now. (The structure is only 768 square feet.) We may change some details, but they should be enough to start applying for a building permit. The interesting thing is since we don’t … Continue reading

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Time for a Visit?

  If all goes well Andy and I will go to Santa Fe tomorrow to visit our truck, and maybe even bring it home. Originally we were going to pick it up last Saturday but that morning we received a … Continue reading

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The New Truck

  Do you think this truck is big enough? I love the distortion from the camera lens because it reminds me of how easy it is to see things incorrectly and think our perceptions represent reality. Here is a more … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

  We had mixed feelings Saturday. We were happy that we finally got some roadwork done and started on the debris removal, but we were also sad to say goodbye to our beloved tractor. We built it from a kit … Continue reading

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