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  How do you feel about forgiveness? What do you mean by the term? To me it simply means not letting resentment poison my life. If there’s nothing I can do to remedy a situation, or to prevent the person … Continue reading

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A Happiness Equation

  To be truly happy we need to focus on quality – on the region of overlap.To be truly happy, we need to be pushing these circles closer and not spend energy on necessarily making them bigger. Makes sense? —Maya, … Continue reading

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What Happened to the Mountains?

May, 1997 (before the fire)   Los Alamos used to be a beautiful town, nestled up against the tree-covered Jemez Mountains. Those trees burned in the 2000 fire, so the area isn’t nearly as beautiful now. But still, it was … Continue reading

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Keeping Out of Ruts

  Evan recently mentioned that the important thing is to keep out of ruts. For me that’s easy…I play with electronics and the technology keeps changing. Before when I went on a trip I packed my audio cassette and/or CD … Continue reading

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