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How Would You Like to Be a Multi-Trillionaire?

  Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, is finally admitting there is some inflation in the U.S. But he says it’s moderate and temporary, so still no worries. Some economists aren’t quite so sanguine. They’ve bought their own 100-trillion-dollar … Continue reading

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Home Alone

  I spend most of my time home alone, immersed in my projects. At the moment it’s my ideal life, but I would no doubt feel differently if Andy didn’t come home every afternoon. What about you? Do you enjoy … Continue reading

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My daughter forwarded this video to me. In spite of the story line it’s clear the dog isn’t really being cruelly teased. He will get his treat after the camera stops rolling. (Click on image to see video.)   Also, … Continue reading

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The Quality of Our Lives

  The quality of our lives depends on how we focus our energy and our attention. —Traits of Stress-Hardy, Resilient People We all seem to agree that it doesn’t make sense to worry about things we have no control over. … Continue reading

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