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  Anger may not bring back the baby’s cookie, but it sure is having an effect in the Middle East. Frame Maker. Creative Commons license.   Has anger ever helped you get what you wanted in your life? Occasionally in … Continue reading

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Stylish? Not So Much

  Ursula has tagged me for the Stylish Blogger Award. The requirements are Link back to her site (done, thanks, Ursula), Tell five things about myself (currently it says seven, but I will go back to the original version of … Continue reading

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Different People Like Different Things

A recent Newsweek article, High on Anxiety, points out that some people would consciously choose to feel anxious or angry instead of happy. In fact, I’ve known people like that. They felt that if they were too relaxed they would … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day

  What was your weather like on Groundhog Day? The sun came out here so the groundhog would have seen his shadow. But on our somewhat sheltered porch it was a low of -9°F and it briefly hit a high … Continue reading

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