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In a recent Dilbert cartoon the pointy-haired boss and Alice are talking: Alice: The new software is a disaster. Pointy-Haired Boss: Then why did you recommend it? Alice: This software is your idea. I recommended against it! Alice: So whose … Continue reading

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What’s Your Sign? Are You Sure?

Do you believe in horoscopes? I don’t. Have you ever had fun reading yours, or finding out what personality type you supposedly are? I have. I like being a Sagittarius. We’re supposed to be Philosophical–one of my main concerns in … Continue reading

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Hot or Cold?

  Which do you prefer, summer or winter? If I had to choose I would pick winter. I don’t like go out in sub-freezing weather, but we don’t get many days of that here. And the sun does come out … Continue reading

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Putting Things Off

cheerfulmonk. Creative Commons license.   The above cartoon reminds me of my grandmother. From time to time she would say, “I’m going on a diet…tomorrow.” It was a joke, of course. She believed in enjoying life, and food was an … Continue reading

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