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Planning Ahead

  Have you ever done something like that? I have. Years ago I was on a business trip to Europe and bought an attractive tea-towel calendar (for the following year) for my mother-in-law. Unfortunately it was in the Fall so … Continue reading

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Bah Humbug! Merry Christmas!

The above cartoon reminds me of my husband’s Christmas stocking, illustrated on the left. One of his childhood traditions was for the family to listen to a record of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol on Christmas morning. When he was younger … Continue reading

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Santa Claus

  The above cartoon made me wonder if our multitude of modern gadgets have ruined the magic of Santa Claus. This video reassured me:     What about you? Did you believe in Santa when you were little? Did you … Continue reading

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Hope Springs Eternal

  Is there anything you’re hoping for? Are you as optimistic as these children? Were you ever that optimistic in the past? How did it turn out? Thanks to bikehikebabe, Looney and Cathy for commenting on last week’s post.

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Cooking Adventures

As I mentioned in the comments to last week’s post, we had a bit of a culinary adventure with our supposedly 10-12 pound, precooked Thanksgiving turkey. They didn’t warn us it would be frozen and would need to be defrosted. … Continue reading

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