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Running Away?

  I had a boss once who agreed with Linus. “No problem is ever so big you can’t run away from it,” he would say. I never quite agreed. I’m a walker, not a runner. I’ve fortunately never been in … Continue reading

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Job Security

cheerfulmonk. Creative Commons license.   Guess who’s having a new will made? We were supposed to sign last Monday, but the lawyer made a few mistakes in our last changes so we decided to take the time to make sure … Continue reading

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Crisis Management

Toyota has done an abysmal job of crisis management lately. But I bet if we took a poll Toyota would still get a higher approval rating than Congress. What do you think? That said, Andy Borowitz says Toyota has come … Continue reading

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Who’s To Say?

This past week bikehikebabe sent me an e-mail entitled “Panda Therapy” that included pictures of some of the most beloved animals in the world:   Photocredit unknown. Photocredit unknown. Photocredit unknown.   My question is why do we love the … Continue reading

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