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Long Term Commitments

I’m still thinking of why people belittle New Year’s resolutions when I used to love them. It’s probably that I’ve been fascinated by behavior modification since I was a teen, so taking time out for reflection and setting a new … Continue reading

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Sitting Down, Moving About

cheerfulmonk. Creative Commons license. If you’re reading this sitting down, you might consider standing up. That’s the first line of a Wall Street Journal article about a study on the health hazards of sitting and watching TV. We all know … Continue reading

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Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Andy Borowitz thinks the new developments in air travel security can help the health care effort.: Full Body Scans to Double as Annual Checkups In what some in the White House are calling a “win/win” solution to the nation’s airport … Continue reading

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Optimist or Pessimist?

  An optimist waits up until midnight New Year’s Eve so he can welcome the new year in. A pessimist waits up so he can make sure the old one leaves. The trouble with that joke is it assumes the … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

Do you ever make New Year’s resolutions? Behavior modification is my hobby and I used to love the end of the year even more than Christmas. I not only made resolutions, for the most part I actually kept them. The … Continue reading

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