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Holiday Traditions, Old and New

This picture was taken last year on our annual trip to cut down our Christmas tree. We have low-key Christmases. We do our shopping, wrapping and shipping early (by early December) and forget about Christmas until a few days before…then … Continue reading

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  Do you believe some challenges are worth avoiding? I do. On the other hand I was lucky enough to experience depression when I was a kid. I learned first hand that Francis’ approach doesn’t work for me. As a … Continue reading

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Unlike Momma in the cartoon I didn’t marry my husband because he makes me laugh, but I wouldn’t have married him if he hadn’t had a sense of humor. I wanted someone who would wear well, which means not taking … Continue reading

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Talking and Listening   Which is more exhausting for you, talking or listening? My gut reaction is “listening” because if someone wants to talk I usually “overoblige”. I’m apt to let them dominate the conversation and indulge in a monologue. This cartoon … Continue reading

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