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Checking Our Assumptions

One of our magazines had the following puzzle: Remove eight letters from the following to reveal a common garden crop. Okay, there are 20 letters there. So there would be 12 left after we remove 8. But what common garden … Continue reading

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How Important Are Goals?

How important are goals to you? They’re often touted as great motivational tools… they’re one way of spicing up our lives. But the activities that have brought me the greatest joy have been the ones that I’ve made long-term commitments … Continue reading

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Chronic Complainers

cheerfulmonk. Creative Commons license.   How do you feel about chronic complainers? Would they be allowed into your view of heaven? I drew this cartoon because I felt sorry for Kathy:     cheerfulmonk. Creative Commons license.   What do … Continue reading

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Saner Fashions?

  The prime minister of Bangladesh has ordered male government employees to stop wearing suits, jackets and ties to save electricity. —BBC News It’s good to read that a bit of sanity is starting to influence men’s fashions. Yea, Rummuser … Continue reading

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