Justice, What Justice?


A lawyer let his dog run around town unleashed, and one day the dog stole a leg of lamb from a butcher shop. The butcher went to the lawyer’s office and asked, “If a dog steals a piece of meat from my store, do I have a right to demand payment from the dog’s owner?” The lawyer answered, “Of course.”

So the butcher asked for the price of the roast. The lawyer agreed and wrote out a check on the spot. The butcher said, “You’re an honorable man. I’m revising my opinion of lawyers.” He left the office with a smile on his face.

A few days later, of course, he received a bill from the lawyer: $100 for the consultation.

Do other countries have as many lawyer jokes as we do here in the US?

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17 Responses to Justice, What Justice?

  1. Cathy in NZ says:

    quite probably….can’t think of anything right now!

  2. Cathy in NZ says:

    aha…….Jean took out the website addy and bingo it’s not going into your Spam Box this time!

  3. Grannymar says:

    Yes, Jean there are. Not sure I am legally allowed to tell them. 😉

  4. Cathy in NZ says:


    just one of many websites……….so Grannymar is/are your jokes here 🙂

  5. Cathy in NZ says:

    actually there’s a weird advert joke here right now…..which isn’t really a lawyer one but it could be used in ‘a case’ if the rest of family chose to contest it!

    old man is at deaths door and the family are gathered around….ma and the boys, others

    old man beckons the younger son (20s) over to his bedside and whispers to him:

    “Take care of your Mother for me….” AND then promptly the old man dies
    His Brother says to Younger one:

    “What did Dad say?”

    Younger one replies:
    “He said I can have his chainsaw……” there is shocked silence and older one looks totally downhearted.

    And the rest of the advert shows a ‘brand of chainsaw’


  6. Cathy in NZ says:


    found the ‘news’ item about the indelicately of it all…along with a video showing part of it (the bad bit) and the reporters/interviewers on the matter…..

  7. Jean says:

    Let’s see if my link to you works.

    Thanks for the links. There certainly are a lot of lawyer jokes, aren’t there? What do you think of the deathbed ad? It doesn’t offend me that much, but it doesn’t quite work for me either.

    So, it’s not just the US that has problems with lawyers. Actually the ancient Athenians used to complain about them too. The downside of having a democracy and rule of law. It’s better than the alternative…at least we can joke and complain in public.

  8. Jean says:

    It looks as if my putting in the link to you is the way to get around my spam filter. That’s great!

  9. Cathy in NZ says:

    ok re website/spam filter

    the advert doesn’t offend me…….I think it’s quite clever 🙂

  10. Jean says:

    I think the idea was hilarious too. I just told my husband about it and he burst out laughing.

  11. Jean says:

    PS I love your gravatar and that you’re not longer blocked by my spam filter. 🙂

  12. Rummuser says:

    Unfortunately, not as much as I would like to have in India. I am doing my bit to generate some! Our humour tends to be directed at ethnic, rather than professional groups.

  13. Cathy in NZ says:

    believe or not that is actually me in that Aladdins’ outfit….the headgear caused a riot! And I went to the celebration in a taxi with some others and we had to put the headgear in the boot (trunk) of the car 🙂


    the full picture!

  14. Jean says:

    I was hoping that was you! I went to the link and saw the picture and a bit of a write up, but I would like to know more. Did you discuss the ball elsewhere?

    Why did you switch your posts from LiveJournal to SparkPeople?

  15. Jean says:

    That’s interesting. I suppose you don’t have blonde jokes either. (Do you see that many blond people?) Our moron jokes used to be about people from Poland, but when that become non-politically correct they switched to talking about blondes. My daughter doesn’t think that was a great improvement. 😉

    When I was a child we didn’t single a group out to be the designated moron. We simply said, “The moron…”

  16. Cathy in NZ says:

    Sparkpeople is for fitness basically….Livejournal was for everything else!

    Nothing seems to see enough of me though….

    The BALL was a long time ago…..and it was based on themes each year.That year was PURPLE and a pal of mine saw it in a local fancy dress hire shop (now closed) and thought it looked like ME 🙂 The BALL has now stopped…probably because of rising costs especially to hire a fancy venue which have sifted down to the participants.

    But they were fun whilst they lasted…..no men allowed! or should I say no ‘real’ men. Many women would hire a dress suit just for fun.

  17. Jean says:

    Thanks! It looks like fun just from your picture. It looks as if you’re still on LiveJournal, so could you use that as your URL? As far as I know my spam filter has no trouble with that one.

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