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The Downside of Organic Food

svane. Creative Commons license. I never eat organic food. At my age I need all the preservatives I can get. —Anonymous Thanks to the efforts of the wife, a couple lived a healthy lifestyle and were doing fine until they … Continue reading

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The Joy of Being Involved

Square Peg Guy raised an interesting point over at rummuser’s site the other day. The subject was freedom and happiness, and SPG wrote: I’ve heard it said: We all want what we cannot have. …………………. But regardless, happiness isn’t getting … Continue reading

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Different Ways of Looking at Things

Do you agree with Ben’s reasoning in the comic above? Do you think that question is a valid test of IQ?   Which doesn’t belong in the following group: cow, rooster and hay? David Brooks recently wrote an article in … Continue reading

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A Great Place to Learn Humility

Picture courtesy of NASA.   Robert Hruzek’s writing challenge this month is What I Learned From a Mountaintop Experience. Robert writes: The question you have to ask yourself is, Have you ever had what is commonly known as a mountaintop … Continue reading

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