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It Rained This Week!

crtower. Creative Commons license.   I don’t think there’s anything more cozy than being inside looking out at a gentle Spring rain. But I realize not everyone agrees with me. 😉     Question: What do you call a sunny … Continue reading

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Life As a Melody   Conrad introduced me to this comic, and to The cartoon resonated with me because I often forget the words, I usually sing way off-key, and I do my best to sing when no one can hear me. … Continue reading

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To Do or Not To Do

cheerfulmonk. Creative Commons license.     How do you feel about exercise? Do you agree with the Enthusiast or the Couch Potato?   The Enthusiast: I love the way I feel when I exercise. Not only that, it will add … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Can’t Win

cheerfulmonk. CC license. The Young Man and the Shirts A young man was visiting his folks at Christmas and his mother gave him two new shirts. The fellow was pleased and immediately went upstairs to change into one of them. … Continue reading

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Speaking of Snow…

Screenshot from video. Last week I mentioned the snow we had in the middle of this month. It reminded me of one of my favorite commercials involving Clydsedale horses. It shows some young whippersnappers harassing some older folks. The older … Continue reading

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