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Taking Time to Help

Erick K. Veland. Creative Commons license. An AP picture by Mark Pardew of a koala bear injured in the Victorian brush fires is going around the internet. The bear is drinking water from a bottle offered by a local firefighter … Continue reading

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They Didn’t Ask Us

cheerfulmonk. Creative Commons license.   It’s fun to complain. Once when a formerly great job turned almost overnight into one that was merely tolerable, I had a grand time for a year talking with my husband about the stupidity of … Continue reading

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amazon. Conrad over at Levered Intelligence has two recent posts (The Hand Position Is Everything and You Call This a Conversation???) about people who try to dominate an interaction instead of having a real conversation with others. I used to … Continue reading

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What Dogs Taught Me About Love and Stress Management

scottfeldstein. Creative Commons license. Robert Hzurek’s writing challenge this month is What I Learned From Love. So why do I add the “and stress-management”? Because warm, fuzzy feelings are a great antidote for stress. They certainly work for me.

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