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Tapping…A Surprisingly Powerful Tool

Screenshot from Video Like gazillions of other Americans, my emotional buttons were pushed by Bush’s plan to spend $700 billion to buy up bad debts…with absolutely no protection for us taxpayers. My husband and I have always lived within our … Continue reading

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What Particle Accelerators Taught Me About Life

  The above picture was taken years ago, on a trip to see some European particle accelerators…I’m the gal in the navy skirt. I haven’t thought about that for a long time, but was recently reminded when the Large Hadron … Continue reading

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What I Learned From Being Dumped By My Best Friend

We lived in a small town/semi-rural area when I grew up and I was fairly isolated from other kids except for school. The first picture was of me in seventh grade…one of my happiest years of late childhood. I had … Continue reading

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As Motivated As a Cat

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