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2007–A Year of Adventure

The picture above is of my daughter’s dogs, with two enormous bones we bought them when we visited in 2006. They looked a bit overwhelmed when they first saw the bones, but as I wrote in About Jean, they got … Continue reading

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Lighting a Single Candle

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness. –Chinese Proverb A week or so ago there was an interesting random acts of kindness story on the evening news. Apparently at a drive-through window one customer … Continue reading

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Having the Sense That God Gave the Goose

I’ve been browsing the photos at Flickr the past few days, looking for some bright, cheerful images to counteract the dark and somber ones of the future that have been haunting my mind lately. birdyboo’s pictures of geese were more … Continue reading

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What I Learned From Sending My Aikido Partner Through A Plate Glass Window

My Friends All Thought I Was Crazy My friends thought I was crazy for signing up for an aikido class. I mean, I was never that good at somersaults as a kid, and the idea of me doing a graceful … Continue reading

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Finding and Creating New Role Models

Children learn a lot in their early years by observing and mimicking their parents. My husband, daughter and I still chuckle about the time we were at the dinner table, with Kaitlin in her youth chair. Suddenly she started making … Continue reading

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