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Stepping Out of the Stress Trap

Preparing for the holidays is a great time to practice our stress-management skills. It’s easy to slip out of our optimal stress zone into being overly stressed…where we feel frazzled, waste energy in nervous tension, and lose our effectiveness. I … Continue reading

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Successful Optimism

  The way to success is often messy. We need determination and optimism to keep us going. —Jean Browman The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. —William … Continue reading

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What I Learned From Being Downsized

I’ve been studying/practicing personal development most of my life, and got into stress management about 16 years ago, when my husband and I were both threatened with downsizing. It was scary, but also one of the happiest times of my … Continue reading

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Living More Fully

The quality of our lives depends on how we focus our energy and our attention. The little girl in the picture isn’t conscious of her wet and messy hair. She’s absorbed in the moment, enjoying the passing scene. She’s fully … Continue reading

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